Copper Roofs

Copper roof replacement just sounds expensive. After all, copper roofing is one of the most expensive roofing materials on the market, but the look of copper is truly unmatched and its incredible durability makes it worth the investment to some. However, should the need arise for cooper roof replacement, on a small or big scale, call the experts in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex at Metal Master Roofing and Construction.

We have been repairing, restoring and replacing copper roofing in Denton, Weatherford, Plano, Arlington, you name it, since 1981. We offer personal but fast service, the highest-quality products and affordable pricing to North Texas customers.

Your copper roof replacement needs might be minimal, but we can help with any size job. For example, many buildings have copper gutters, downspouts and flashing. Copper, in fact, is used in many roofs as a secondary or structural material. But if it’s a full copper roof replacement you need, Metal Master Roofing and Construction can handle the job. While traditional copper roofing is out of most people’s price range and limited to exclusive residences, churches or historical buildings, it will stand up to the elements, is incredibly fire resistant and very long lasting. While the cost might be more than wood, asphalt or tile shingles, copper roofing will easily return your investment over time. Copper roofs, if taken care of, can easily last 100 years or more, and are 100 percent recyclable.

Through the years, like nearly every roofing material, copper metal roofing has changed to become more stylish and popular. It’s now available in a number of different styles and different textures, whether you choose shingles or sheet copper roof replacement.

Overall, there is no question that copper is one of the best of all premium roofing products. It has been proven in its use for thousands of years, and yet it’s continually changing as a material. So if you need an entire copper roof or just some copper accents, then you should not settle for anything less than the best copper roof replacement company in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

With all of our copper products, you will enjoy a virtually maintenance-free roof that can withstand all the harsh elements North Texas (and the environment, for that matter) can throw at it. Either way, you have made a tremendous investment for your home or business or church, etc.