Metal Roof Replacement

Metal roof replacement is not something that an untrained person should attempt. Even minor metal roof replacement should be left to the professionals.

At Metal Master Roofing and Construction, our name says it all. We are the experts in metal roof replacement and have been servicing customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex since 1981. All of our roofers are highly trained to ensure that your roof’s durability and protection are never compromised.

So if it’s time for a full metal roof replacement, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your structure’s roof is flat, low-sloped or pitched, our goal is to save you money and we will do an inspection to see if a complete re-roofing is needed. Perhaps just a protective coating is the answer to any problems with your metal roof. These are rubber-like but water-based systems that will protect against rust and leaking problems and withstand extreme temperature changes by remaining flexible under both hot and cold conditions. This is easily the most economical way to protect a metal roof.

But a coating only will do you good if the roof is in good shape structurally. If the diagnosis is a re-roof, we have multiple options. Try renovating with our standing seam metal roofing. This type of roofing is long-lasting and fire-resistant and can be retrofitted over many existing roofing materials. It is available in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can have an aesthetically pleasing roof with the benefits of metal. In fact, standing-seam roof renovations have shown a rate of more than 85 percent cost recouped in the national average, which is more than you can say for asphalt and other materials.

Or as a metal roof replacement we can install a steel based inter-locking shingle system, such as our stone coated steel roofing. This upscale look is growing among residential and commercial customers.

Why would you trust any company with your metal roof replacement other than one called Metal Master Roofing and Construction? We have the experience, we have access to the highest-quality materials and we have the references to prove our customers’ satisfaction. Oh, did we mention our affordability compared to other roofers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?