Roof Repair

Roof repair becomes necessary when your roof becomes compromised by an accident or the elements. Over time, roofs can be weakened by wind, rain, snow, and many other weather conditions. We work with primarily metal roofing. If you have metal roofing that needs repairing, call us with any roof repair questions.

Our roof repair service is not limited to metal roofs, but these are the types of roofs we generally work with. It is important to get your roof fixed so it will have a longer lifespan, and so you spend less money in the long run on your roof. The following are specific types of roofs we work with regularly:


  • Flat roofs – Sloped roofs are designed so that the water runs right off of them. Flat (or low-slope) roofs need to be properly sealed so that water does not penetrate them. If there are cracks or blistering in the shingles of your flat roof, you may need a repair.
  • Standing seam roofs – These types of roofs are considered a breakthrough in roofing technology. This type of metal roof has a lot of different benefits; it’s durable, lightweight, and easy to install. The seam is raised above the plane of the roof and its drainage system, so that rain will not infiltrate the seam as easily. Like all roofing material, nothing is 100% invincible to the elements, so if you do have a problem with your standing seam metal roof, please contact us for a roof repair estimate.
  • Stone coated steel roofs – These types of roofs are also a new example of roofing technology that has caught on well in the roofing industry. Even these advanced types of roofing materials need repairs from time to time, and we can help you with them so the lifespan of your entire roof is increased. Stone coated steel roofs combine the strength of steel with the reinforcement of stone tiles. Both materials are very strong and durable. This type of roofing is towards the top of the list of roofing materials that is resistant to hail.

No matter what type of roof repair you need, we can come out and give you an estimate. It’s important to make small repairs when necessary, so that you don’t have to make bigger repairs in the future.

Most metal roofs will come with a 30 to 50 year warranty. If you need a roof repair, it’s most likely that your manufacturer’s warranty will take care of the costs associated with that project. If this doesn’t work, your homeowner’s insurance may be able to cover a repair associated with damage from the weather or from another accident.

Metal roofs can rust through; this is especially common in older roofs. Metal roofs can also require roof repair at the seams. Any place where there is a seam, where a metal roof joins at a vent or chimney is a weakened area that should be monitored. Metal roofs can also get dents from hail or falling debris during a storm. If you have noticed any leaks or rust spots on your metal roof, or if you feel it doesn’t look right at the seams, give us a call and we can come take a look.

Metal roofs are generally very durable, and it’s not likely you’ll experience the need for roof repair very often. In fact, we can repair any roofs that we install, if repairs become necessary. No roofing material can last forever, but technology has made the materials much stronger in recent times. If you do notice anything with your roof, we can come out and evaluate the problem.

For all of your roofing needs, call us Monday-Saturday in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex at 817-372-2425 to speak to our sales staff with any questions or a free estimate on any roofing project. We offer roof repair in Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Mansfield and Colleyville.