Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone coated steel roofing is most certainly not your typical metal roofing material. But it does combine the advantages of typical metal roofs with superior durability against the elements, better rust resistance and many more choices in architectural styles. In the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, there is no company more experienced in the installation and repair of stone coated steel roofing than Metal Master Roofing and Construction, which has been satisfying North Texas homeowners and business owners since 1981.

Is stone coated steel roofing a good choice for your residential or commercial property? With the unpredictable weather that hits our area, there simply is no better barrier. We specialize in the installation of Gerard stone coated steel and Decra stone coated steel. The high-quality stone coated steel roofing materials from both industry-leading companies are classified as Class IV resistant. It is guaranteed to withstand winds up to 120 mph, along with hail, ice, snow and just about anything else Mother Nature might throw at us in North Texas. Hail, especially, is a problem in this area, and you will get no better protection against hail than this roofing choice. Stone coated steel roofing also is rated highest (Class A) when it comes to fire resistance.

The panels are made from lightweight structural grade steel, and to enhance rust resistance, they are coated with an aluminum-zinc and then ceramic-coated stone granules. This galvalume coating adds protection to exposed areas, while the stone granules are an added layer of protection but also an attractive finish. The panels, which are interlocked, are guaranteed not to split, crack or curl and come with a 50-year warranty (on Decra products) or a Life-Time Warranty (on Gerard products) that we service along with a labor warranty we provide. In addition, installing Class IV roofing products can qualify homeowners or business owners for insurance premium discounts up to 35 percent.

Stone coated steel roofing has a strong composition but maintains a softer, elegant look and feel of tiles, shakes or shingles with a wide variety of colors, sizes and contours available to complement any type of structure. This roofing style can be used as a new roof installation or even as a re-roofing option over existing wood shingle, shake or composition roofs – it is that lightweight. For example, Gerard’s stone coated steel roof weighs 1.4 pounds per square foot, which is lighter than most asphalt shingles. And by comparison, concrete and clay roofs can weigh up to 15 lbs per square foot.

Stone coated steel roofing also helps with noise reduction in those heavy storms and even provides a solid grip if you need to be on the roof for any reason. But it’s so low maintenance, it’s doubtful you will need to be on the roof at all – unless your son’s baseball is up there! Stone coated steel roofing probably will be the last roof you buy – and you have added value to your home or business.

At Metal Master Roofing and Construction, we are trained by the manufacturer on the installation of the products, so we know it as well as they do. Add that training to our 30+ years of roofing experience, and you can see why we are the preferred choice for the installation and repair of stone coated steel roofing by many customers all over the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

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