Q. What roofing services do you provide?

A. We service residential and commercial roofing .

Q. Do you do commercial roofing?

A. Yes. Flat roofs and pitched roofs.

Q. Why should I consider a metal roof installation?

A.  Because they can reduce your insurance premiums. Metal roofs are more energy efficient, and they outlast other types of roofing materials.

Q. How often would i need to replace my metal roof?

A. Except for very large hail, you should never have to replace.

Q. When can I tell that my metal roof needs replacing?

A. Always consult an experienced roofer to make that determination.

Q. Tell me about stone coated steel roofs.

A. They are steel panels make to look like tile or shakes, but have a lifetime warranty. They are hail resistant and energy efficient. Learn more about stone coated steel roofs

Q. What are the advantages of flat roof membrane? Can I get by without one?

A. Simple ply membranes create a “swimming pool” liner on flat roofs eliminating the chances of leaks. If you are concerned with whether you should have one or not, contact us and we will be more than glad to assess your situation.

Q. Will I need to be present while you work?

A. No.

Q. Do you have any guarantees on your work?

A. Yes, depends on the type of roof, we have 5-10 year labor warranties.

Q. I’m ready to start the project, how do I get an estimate on my roofing job?

A. Call our office at 817-372-2425 or email us at metalmasterroofs@aol.com